Compare Yourself to Others at Your Own Risk

This blog is courtesy of Russ Thornton of Wealthcare for Women. I’m the oldest of 3 boys. A while back, […]

How did I get here?

This blog is courtesy of Wendy Hayes of Mitchell Hayes. Going through a divorce is a very difficult experience.  It […]

3 Ways to Guarantee Your Mediation will Fail

DIVORCE 911 consulted with Jennifer Keaton of 2 Steps Divorce for this blog post. We also have a video covering this […]

Can I Afford to Keep the House?

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Choosing Guardians for Minors

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Identify the Problems to Find the Solutions

DIVORCE 911 Consulted with Wendy Dickinson of Grow Counseling for this blog. We also have a video covering this topic. […]

Unintended Consequences

Today’s blog post is from our mentor Russ Thornton of Wealthcare for Women Financial planning – or really any kind of planning, […]

How to Pick a Divorce Attorney

DIVORCE 911 consulted with Steve Shewmaker of Shewmaker & Shewmaker for this blog. We have a video covering this topic as […]

Spousal Social Security Benefits

  DIVORCE 911 collaborated with Russ Thornton of Wealthcare for Women for this blog post.  We have a video covering […]

The Lautenberg Amendment

We had a very productive conversation with Casey Doyle of Shewmaker & Shewmaker for this blog post We have a video covering […]

Is Divorce Mediation Cheap?

Divorce mediation can be cheaper than hiring attorneys to litigate (battle!) your divorce, but only when it results in some […]

Are you Headed towards a Gray Divorce? 

A great post from Peter Bourke: I found an excerpt from a 2012 entry on the Psychology Today website that […]

How Much is Divorce Mediation?

Most divorce mediators charge an hourly rate that can range from about $150/hour to $300/hour. This fee is usually divided […]

Divorce – “Till Death Do Us Part”

It has been said that, other than the death of a spouse, divorce creates the most amount of changes to […]

We Can’t Agree, So Why Bother With Mediation?

Why do Georgia Courts order most divorce cases to participate in mediation?  Because it works! Litigation applies pressure (time and […]

Information is an Antidote to Divorce Stress

For most individuals facing divorce, this is their first time.  Inexperience leads to major mistakes.  Uncertainty exacerbates stress, shortens fuses, […]

Navigating Financial & Emotional Difficulties of Divorce and the House

New IRC WealthCast: Navigating the financial and emotional difficulties of divorce with Deborah S. Wilder, Ph.D. and Steven Parker hosted […]

I’m Afraid of Attorneys As Much As I’m Afraid of this Divorce!

Most of us have never hired an attorney.  In divorce cases, this inexperience coupled with fear can lead to huge […]