Is Divorce Mediation Cheap?

Divorce mediation can be cheaper than hiring attorneys to litigate (battle!) your divorce, but only when it results in some agreements or significant traction towards agreements.

One of the best ways to set your mediation up for success is to take the time to get prepared – emotionally, intellectually, and financially.  Denial is a frequent visitor to the divorce process that undermines its potential for success (if this your situation, consider Discernment Counseling). Great offers often are rejected when emotions are not managed well or legal counsel is not present to assist in negotiations.  In those cases, mediation is not a cheap solution, it is an additional expense. 
On the other hand, a mediator is a great facilitator of solution-focused discussions that can move the divorce from battle-ground to a settlement that can shorten the legal process by months (or be used for an uncontested divorce). When some or all issues are resolved in mediation, the emotional and financial costs of moving through the legal process are cut down immensely.
Mediation is hard work and positive endurance on both sides to strike a deal where no one gets everything that they want, but enough to be satisfied. 

Jennifer Keaton


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