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DIVORCE 911 collaborated with Jennifer Keaton of 2 Step Divorces for this blog.

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Fast, customized, and private divorces are hard to come by. Most of these occur either through negotiations directly, or through attorneys at a mediation. Mediation allows for easier communication among the parties versus phone tag or the back and forth that often occurs. It’s often “speedier” because you move the finish line up by several miles. Instead of waiting for a court decree, you’re pulling that finish line closer to you. Additionally, you have control over what the terms will be and your terms of the divorce are kept private. It is a private setting to get some hard, hard stuff done that is not necessarily going to be pretty. The end result of that mediated settlement will be thoughtful, it will be customized, and (most likely) will be much better than what a court/judge is going to issue.  The judge is going to look at who gets the Ford, who gets the Chevy, but not the details of when those golf clubs need to come out of the trunk, when that title is going to be transferred, when the bills are shut off or who’s responsible for _______ (fill in the blank here)…

Customized, predictable, and really putting that timeline together is something that can be done in mediation whereas with a judge; it’s not his or her problem. Mediation allows you to narrow down all the specifics so that no details are left to chance while also being a fast and customized divorce settlement process.


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