How Much is Divorce Mediation?

Most divorce mediators charge an hourly rate that can range from about $150/hour to $300/hour. This fee is usually divided between the two parties (though sometimes the finances have not been separated out). But then, how long will mediation last?

Divorce mediations last as long as both parties want to continue negotiating (many mediations will have several appointments – pacing matters as work and children’s needs are folded into the schedule). Where the parties are prepared for negotiations (both emotionally, as well as in “financial and legal information”), divorces without minor children can average 5-8 hours. Divorces with minor children (which requires more court required paperwork) can average 6-12 hours.

If attorneys are present, those expenses must also be taken into account, too. Some attorneys, in very specific circumstances, allow clients to attend mediation alone so long as do not sign anything without the attorney’s review. But, for individuals with “low or no” attorneys, they can condition agreements on having time for an attorney to review the drafted agreement before signing.

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