Everybody is a Virgin


Everybody is a virgin when going into their (hopefully first…) divorce. It’s true. In the state of Georgia, there are 80,000 divorces each year.  Over 2/3 of those are first time marriages. So that’s a lot of virgins going through the divorce process.

What we know about virgins:

  • They don’t know what they’re doing
  • They do it badly
  • They have a really unsatisfying experience

The only way to get at that problem is to get experience. How you get experience in the divorce process is through education. This is just one of the reasons why DIVORCE 911 is so effective. The biggest key is getting informed. You have to take the time so that you don’t make those rookie mistakes. The stress will go down when the uncertainty goes down. This of course takes time. Taking in new information in a stressful situation is difficult. Taking a giant book and trying to decipher it is really tough to do.  Taking a class where you’re talking to people and it’s informal, like DIVORCE 911, that’s the way to go. It comes down to: “you don’t know what you don’t know” and we are ready to correct that-

—-Words of wisdom from Jennifer Keaton of 2 Step Divorces. We also have a video covering this topic.


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