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In many cases, people will return years after their divorce for some kind of modification. That could be property that wasn’t properly titled when the division of assets was supposed to happen, or worse yet… the division of debt. Perhaps one party is responsible for paying off debt and did not do it.  Then the bank or whoever the lender on the debt comes after the other spouse. If you haven’t taken the appropriate steps to have your name removed off of that debt the lender has every right to come after you to pay it.  They are not required to administer or respect your divorce.

This is why it’s so imperative to think forward and think about what is going to happen post divorce. You want to do everything you can to minimize the possibility that you have to go back and seek a modification in the future. It can be extremely costly to be able to do so, it’s very difficult, and it’s emotionally draining.

Once again, that is why it is so important to think through all of what can happen once you get that settlement. Make sure everything gets titled correctly post divorce. This prevents the ability to come back later and ask for more money.  When it comes to child support, remember that your child’s expenses increase over time.  Thinking far enough in advance so that your settlement has your future protected should keep you from going back to court and asking for an increase.

The biggest thing to remember to do is to think forward. Really get out of your past, separate yourselves from the now, think forward to what your future is going to look like.



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