Single Income Lifestyle

Single Income Lifestyle

DIVORCE 911 collaborated with Howard Cattie of Career Oyster.

Divorce 911 consulted with Howard Cattie of Career Oyster for this blog post.
When you have a divorce, you are now faced with a single income lifestyle. This
is the most common issue facing many spouses. The problem is, in a two income
family you have a lot of shared expenses that get covered. Now all of sudden
there are two separate lifestyles with two separate incomes/budgets. If you
weren’t working, you may have to reenter the workforce.

In today’s environment that’s more than a little bit challenging. You need the
confidence, you need the strategy, you need the tactics and the techniques of an
effective resume, proper interviewing, etc… to compete with the existing job market

If you are working, it dawns on you that you need to make more money or have a
better long term vision and career. If that’s the case, now you are underemployed
relative to your single family needs. You should evaluate skills now! Maybe you
should consider some of the volunteer things you’ve done, maybe look at some
other experiences you’ve had and try to put yourself on a better track by upping
your search for a higher level position. That’s a career change and a transition.

It also requires a little forward thinking in your resume. Not backward thinking,
forward thinking! This requires you to go to a hidden market then reach the right
decision maker so that you can sell yourself for the new opportunity. More
importantly, you will need the confidence in yourself to do just that.
These are the things you should do to increase your income for your future
income lifestyle strategy. This is a new chapter in your life, why not really make
the best out of it? Talk to a career coach that will provide you with a resume that
is forward thinking. It will allow you to make more money for the current
circumstances that you have.

Remember! In a divorce, your income has now been cut in half and your
expenses have now doubled!


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