3 Ways to Guarantee Your Mediation will Fail

DIVORCE 911 consulted with Jennifer Keaton of 2 Steps Divorce for this blog post.

We also have a video covering this topic.

Divorce Mediation is a step that can be taken before the alternative of seeking out a courtroom for final answers and decisions. There are ways you can help your mediation and there are ways that will greatly hinder it.  Here are three ways to GUARANTEE that your mediation will fail!–

  1. The first is not being emotionally prepared for the change. Having not come to terms with the fact that a marriage is ending and the grief that comes along with that is a major issue. Being prepared to deal with that reality. Now, you won’t want to but you need to be at a place where you want the bleeding to stop.
  2. The second is not having your financial information pulled together. If you don’t know your financial future… you will soon enough… And it won’t be pretty! Knowing the cost of that post-divorce apartment, or what health insurance is going to cost you is imperative. If you don’t know these things you’re not ready to talk about how to part ways. Remember, in most cases, your daily expenses have now doubled and your income has been cut in half!
  3. The third way is not knowing and understanding the alternatives. These alternatives include the courthouse and the legal pieces of information that you will need. Understanding how things are divided and granted under the law is important to understand. Having this legal information will allow you to make informed decisions and also be prepared to talk about a huge amount of information.

Let’s make sure your Divorce Mediation does not fail!


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