Information is an Antidote to Divorce Stress

For most individuals facing divorce, this is their first time.  Inexperience leads to major mistakes.  Uncertainty exacerbates stress, shortens fuses, and brings out the worst in most of us.  How do you regain control?

One step is to get informed about the legal process of divorce. Divorce 911 offers resources, and there are other options such as “Divorce 101” through Visions Anew Institute ( and the online or in-person class “Crash Course Divorce” from 2 Step Divorces ( Understanding the legal process can help individuals see a way through the fog and avoid wasting emotional and financial capital on matters they thought the court would care about (but won’t).  
Getting information helps move individuals into a healthier space, even if it means acknowledging that it’s still going to be hard.  Very hard.
Jennifer Keaton
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