Normalizing Divorce-Related Emotions

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If you are considering a divorce, if you are in the midst of a divorce, or if you are post-divorce, you need a team of experts around you that know that know what they’re doing and that are ready to serve you as your trusted counselors in figuring out how to move forward.


We recently sat down with Wendy Dickinson of GROW Counseling ( to discuss normalizing common emotions that individuals experience during the divorce process.


“People are going to feel angry, they’re going to feel betrayed, and they’re going to feel hurt. There’s a sense of loss, even if it’s the right decision it’s still hard,” Dickinson says.


But she also stressed how experiencing these complex and difficult emotions is completely normal—in fact, most people going through a divorce or similar situation will cycle through stages of these as they move through the separation, divorce, and healing process.


What’s important to note though, Dickinson says, is that“we want to help people acknowledge the emotion but not get bogged down in it.” It’s critical that the individual to be able to acknowledge and experience the emotions so that they can then move through it, and come out on the other side, ready emotionally for whatever the next season of their life holds.

We also have a video on this topic.

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